Your Trainer

I have been a Personal Trainer for 27 years in the Fitness Industry.
I am a Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Weight Trainer, Certified Tae Bo Kick Boxer, and Certified Bike (Spinning) Instructor.
The years of experience I have obtained by working individually with my clients will provide you with everything you need to reach your goals.

For the past seven years, I have trained the Canadian Armed Forces - Fraser Valley Division. I challenged the unit to achieve the level of fitness that is required for them to meet the high expectations of the Canadian Armed Forces.

I enjoy working with clients from ALL fitness levels:

Adrenaline junkies.
Marathon runners.
Clients that have not done any physical activity in 10 years or ever.
Clients that have just had a baby, and are excited to find their body again.
Clients 300+ pounds.

Let me help you obtain your personal goals!

All you have to do is try!